Food for the Belly and Brain in Denver

A large group of people love puzzles, little challenges to train the mind and pass the time in a productive, if not exciting, manner. A large group of people also enjoy great food, a nice entrée paired with a great beverage to satisfy your appetite. Lucky for our luxury apartment residents at the Verve, there’s an amazing place where you can experience both.

Escapology is an escape room venue that, unlike most other escape rooms, also includes a restaurant and bar. It’s the highest rated escape room in Denver on TripAdvisor, and it’s only two miles away from our luxury apartments, allowing you to drive to your appointment in ten minutes or take the bus in twenty. Escape rooms are a fun activity for groups of three or more, in which you and your loved ones immerse yourselves in a themed environment and solve clues and challenges together to unlock the room and escape before time runs out. Escapology currently has seven unique themes to choose from, ranging from cracking a cybercrime case to getting out of a pirate ship before you’re shanghaied, so there’s always a new experience for you and your friends to attempt, and even if you fail to solve the room in time, you’ll still have a lot of fun. Once your room is done, step into the Solutions restaurant and enjoy a victory lunch or a consolation cocktail made fresh from their kitchens. It’s the perfect activity for birthdays, wedding parties, team building exercises, or simply a fun weekend hangout.

Escape from the mundane and enjoy great puzzles and food at the Verve. Come see our luxury apartments in Denver today and book an escape room at Escapology for your next adventure.